As a company Scaff Haus aim to progress the design in many ways.


Due to the form being built using standard scaffold pole the design can be used as a modular system. This is enhanced by the linking system used for scaffolding. It ensures that each Scaff Haus is capable of being linked and can therefore create a larger space if so required. This is as a residential element.


However here at Scaff Haus we see our design as a possible solution to bigger issues. The form of construction means that Scaff Haus could be easily erected and removed in any location. This could be used as a temporary shelter for a number of purposes including the homeless, emergency relief locations, etc.

We hope to develop this element of Scaff Haus further!!! 


In 2016 we worked with our friends at British Military Fitness to design a single space building for a village in Nepal. The BMF team then visited Nepal and constructed the design alongside the villages, ensuring that the village had the knowledge and tools to construct similar buildings in the future. Many of the Scaff Haus’ principles are retained within the  building they are..simple material selection, easy construction and iconic design. We hope this is the start of a long relationship with BMF. 

Foundations Dug by Hand
Soil Filled Bags to Form Walls
Mud Render
Structural Form Work
Timber Roof Structure
Roof Being Installed
Roof Being Installed
Roof Being Installed
Finished Building
Finished Building