The process is simple. The hardest thing is to decide which version of Scaff Haus you would like.


Once you have selected all you need to do is contact us to start the process.


We shall then take your brief and establish the best method of moving forward and the design best suited for you and your needs.


During the consultation period we shall work with you to establish how you would like to construct your Scaff Haus.




Home Build – we issue you with all the materials and a construction manual to aid you in constructing your own Scaff Haus. We shall also place all orders and coordinate the installation of the selected doorsets.


Scaff Haus Build – we do everything for you. We arrange construction date around your availability. You put your feet up and watch your Scaff Haus being formed.


Whichever option you select we offer a support system throughout the process to ensure that your Scaff Haus experience is a happy one for all involved. 

*timings depend on manufacture of door set and roof